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Saturday, February 28, 2009

tag frOm piKOk

1. if u could spend RM1 in 5 minute,what would u spend on?
- beli donut la......

2. what is most favourite thing to do?
- dengar lagu..

3. what kinds of news u read?
- Kontroversi Pertandingan Namakan Proton Exora..

4. what r u doing rite now?
- jwb tag lor weyhh..huhu

5. is there someone in ur heart rite now?
- ....adelaaa..

6. do u believe u can survive without money?
- not sure.. lg kan ulat dlm batu bley cari makan, inikan kita erk.~~

7. do u know ur BMI??
- yup

8. what do u feel doing rite now?
- skit blakng...

9. if there's someone who u love, do u confess him/her?
- absolutely nope!!malu eh..hehe

10. list out 3 good points of the person who tagged u?
- ntahhhhhhhh... p tlng abang

11. what is the thing that make u thing she is kind?
- tlng

12. what is the thing that make u think she is bad?
- nothing lor..xdpt pk..

13. are u left-handed or right-handed?
-righ-handed la
14. if u had to eat something in rest of ur life, what would it be?
- mee kuah... lame da x mkn... asyik mkn nsi ikan goreng je kat cni mlm2..huwaaaa.

15. if u had to choice to be rich or happy, which would u choose?
- ak nk  hepy... bila kaye blum tntu hepy.. tp bla hepy leh jd kaya...
16. if u have a chance, which part of ur character u would like to change?
- pendendam........

17. who is the people u can share ur problem wit?
- myheart n family

18. makan or tdo??
- mstila mkn , knyg2 bru bez nk tdow

19. what is the one thing u love about urself..
- susah marah orang, tp bla da mrah, abes laa.....

20. antara kekasih dan parents...mana korg dahulukan n mengapa?
- absolutely my parents lor sbb ak knlayah ibu ak sjak lahir....... byk pengorbanan mereka kat ak..... still ingt lg smua tu,,,,,,,,,,,,, even mase tu ak msh kecik


piKOk said...

xknla xley nk listkn 3 good points bout me..
how long do u know me???